Fall 2014, Céline

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”Women don’t belong in sci-fi”

”Women aren’t funny”

”Nobody wants to see ensemble women comedies”

”Women can’t write good action stories”

”Women can’t direct good movies”

”Women aren’t good authors”

”Women can’t be action stars”

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White people: This thing tumblr does is obnoxious!
POC: It's because racism.
White people: What could have possibly started this annoying trend?
POC: Racism!
White people: We might just never understand what happened.
White people: Honestly, I came out to have a good time and I'm feeling so attacked right now. (aka, LOL, MEME!)
POC: I hate you.

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when someone calls you fake


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Drake Help Me Through This

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the life of the party

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lots of triangles

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